Agile Scrum, let’s dance

door | 04 sep 2017 | Blogs

Regular readers know that I am an enthusiastic musician. One of the characteristics of music is the beat. Let’s compare that to Agile Scrum. Because one of the features of Agile Scrum is the rhythm of the Sprints. Whether a Sprint lasts 1, 2 or 4 weeks, there’s a regular beat.

This makes the moment predictable that something valuable is delivered and everyone can synchronize their agenda. Perhaps it is in line with peace purity and regularity, but then it may become very boring. And would you achieve those great results you’re hoping for?

A few years ago, I followed a workshop led by Isabelle van Keulen and her Tango Nuevo ensemble. Tango has a super tight beat, but Isabelle showed that within that beat you can take all the freedom you want. The beat keeps you in touch with each other while the freedom makes it exciting for both listeners and musicians. Listen and watch this classic of Piazzolla, Oblivion.

There are many freedoms within the Sprints of Agile Scrum. The team is self-organizing so it can decide its own work schedule as long as the work is done on time and the members stay in touch with each other and with the outside world. The Daily Standup and the Sprint beat are tools for synchronization with each other. But it goes beyond that. How do you keep it exciting? That you push the boundaries. That the Business and IT know each other so well that they feel and challenge each other? Agile Scrum, the dance of Business and IT.

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