Have fun and reach great results

door | 19 sep 2017 | Blogs

September 12th and 14th I had the opportunity to visit two companies that like to play and have fun. I started at Coolblue’s (‘Everything for a smile’) Behind the Scene. Great to see how the inside culture is congruent with the outside culture.

Funny things in the office, combined with thoroughly made decisions about methods and tools for developing the mobile app. And with the guts and pride to present the results and discuss the challenges with anyone who wants to. It touched me that even in fierce discussions, it never got personal, the shared goal was always to learn and get better.

Two days later I joined the Scrum Round Table at Delta-N’s. We discussed the various challenges you face in facilitating change, with the help of the Game of Changes of Manoel Pimentel. It enhances the discussion about solutions, while learning from each other and laughing about bad luck with the dice.

It’s all about learning, discussions about what works and what doesn’t, while not taking everything too seriously. Not one solution is always right, there is always another way for looking at the situation. Let go your opinion, give up your bollards, laugh at what is fixed and grab what flies around. It makes a brighter world, with more fun and great results.