Listening with your eyes

door | 21 aug 2017 | Blogs

At the Scrum Day Europe, I was touched by Nagesh Sharma about the Indian approach to Agile. He showed a lot of aspects to make life circular and added this with expressions to think about. Like listening with your eyes. And he made us do that.

Do you feel the tension? This all starts with being interested in other visions or believes. Or better, curious in these. That is what I like working with IT-specialists. Put two specialists of different techniques together and they start asking questions: how do you do this? how does that work? can you explain about that? This curiosity is a great basis for a life full of learning. Like Benjamin Zander says when something goes wrong: “How fascinating!” Or Jane Magruder Watkins when something goes different as planned: “That’s interesting.” The circularity of working with Agile/Scrum makes it possible to learn fast. And it brings people together from several parts inside and outside the organization. People who do not always understand each other because of their different views: “how fascinating!” How do you do this? How does that work? Can you explain about that? Together we can learn. And listen with your eyes, that makes it more exciting.

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